Cleenr Puff

Cleenr Puff

9.00 every 3 months

CLEENR is a luxuriously soft and fluffy microfiber cleansing puff made to clean your face.

With just WATER, and nothing else, easily wipe away your day with just a few gentle swipes.

No more wasteful cotton pads and wipes, no more running out of makeup remover, ever.

CLEENR is chemical-free, reusable, and best of all, machine washable.


Now available as a subscription - get a Cleenr refresh every 3 months with the auto-refresh plan - cancel anytime.


Cleaning Suggestions:

After makeup removal, hand wash puff with soap to prevent staining. We prefer an earth-friendly liquid soap, or a brush and sponge soap. Lather, rub, and rinse it all off. Hang from loop to air dry between use.

Pro Tip: Use a bar detergent or makeup brush cleanser for removing stains and waterproof makeup.

Throw in with your usual laundry for a deeper clean about once a week.


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